The Best L’iL Bath Haus

Ladies this is a treat for you! Men, you can benefit from some exfoliation too but if not, get your women a gift! Before you hit the steps the smell is amazing, fresh, clean, nothing overpowering to aggravate your nasal cavity or make you sneeze. The ladies are very friendly and excited to explain the fragrance blends and give you a personal demonstration of the scrubs. The scents shown are the biggest sellers and customer favorites, but as you can see on the wall, you have endless options.

I’m a lover of Lavender, so I went with the Lavender scrub without added color (yes that’s an option if your skin is sensitive to artificial coloring) and Lavender Rose bath oil. The lavender has that woodsy note that I prefer over the sweet because it compliments my natural scent.

You could quickly spend your paycheck in this store, not only do you simply love everything, the ladies are hilarious. Meet Debbie, she asked me about my bag and what an Unnerved Traveler is and said the description matched her perfectly. So the only option was to take a picture with a fellow unnerved traveler! Veterans, you are thanked for your service with a discount, and they ask, you don’t need to!

So if you are ever in Gruene Texas, fall into The Best LI’L Bath Haus, fill up your basket, and don’t forget to tell them Unnerved Traveler sent you! Much Love ❤️

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