Foodie Find!

Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar

After all that time spent shopping and roaming its time to eat! Let’s head over to the Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar and check out the scene!

In my ongoing quest for something to stick to these slim bones, the chicken fried chicken (chicken) or chicken fried steak (steak, beef) is always a winner! Something about that thinly pounded fillet of meat covered in thick country gravy is always a hug on a plate in my opinion. Pair that with some fluffy mashed potatoes and well seasoned green beans, what else is needed you ask? An afternoon mimosa that’s what!

If you aren’t really hungry and you want something light, the tortilla soup and the Texas torpedos (jalapeños wrapped with bacon, stuffed with three cheeses, battered and fried crisp) are a great second option. I did watch the Texas sized onion rings pass my table, those might be great for beer drinkers who need a quick snack to chase that brew! Chips and a spicy queso start you off as you await your meal, the tranquil flow of the River trickles down below so you can unwind and simply enjoy the moment. The wait staff is a lively bunch and very attentive so tip them well for their service. After you eat, spend some time outside, the property is covered with trees so it’s shady and cool on warm days.

Drop in, grab a table outside is my suggestion, order something good, sip a drink, talk a lil shit, and most importantly, don’t forget to tell them the Unnerved Traveler sent you! Much ❤️

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