The Best Free Sights in Savannah

The Best Free Sights

The ferry ride across the river is approximately 5 minutes with three quick stops, and yes its free! Since Covid is a concern at the present moment, wear your mask and sanitize your hands once you step off. I measure the level of cleanliness by how much of a cleaning product I can smell in the air, since I didn’t get that whiff of Lysol (yes I know its in short supply) or bleach, my assumption is that they are not being cleaned after each trip, so please protect yourself. My suggestion if you are leaving from the Westin, get off on the very first stop and take time to simply stroll River Street and enjoy all of the sights along the way.

The Waving Girl

The Best Free Sights

Isn’t she lovely, I love the dramatic depth in her facial features. So, there are several stories surrounding her legacy, some that were never confirmed or denied. The mission of Florence Martus was to be a welcoming face for ships entering or leaving Savannah. My favorite of the many stories I read was that she fell in love with a sailor and he left her with his memory and a handkerchief, her welcoming and waving the handkerchief was her way of waiting to welcome him home. Regardless of what the real story is, isn’t it beautiful that she dedicated herself to providing a smile and a wave for those who spent countless days gazing upriver without a friendly face in sight.

1996 Olympic Yachting Cauldron

All you need to do is an about face, and you will be facing the cauldron for the yachting events that were held in Savannah during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Here you will find the copper flame that represents the original flame lit in Olympia, Greece (one of my favorite places) signifying the events held on the river.

Morrell Park

The Best Free Sights

Highly shaded but you still have a full view of the river, Morrell Park is a great location for an unplanned picnic, reading a good book, journaling, painting, or simply enjoying a bit of solitude. For my educators, stop here and have a few teachable moments, answer questions, give instructions, or set the boundaries for the day. If you are traveling with a high school group, this could serve as a meeting point if they are trusted to be given time to roam the river walk, in fact I would recommend it. Shops are abundant, food, souvenirs, sweets, or check out the welcome center and find out how you can hop on a trolley for a guided tour. For those wishing to keep their coins in their pocket, there are several other historical stops along the river, keep roaming.

The Best Free Sights

Now, while this area is safe and teeming with activity, instruct students to show kindness to the homeless that they might encounter on steps and benches. Yes you want them to be safe, generous if they would like, but advise them to use caution. I always instruct students to give food, offer to buy a meal and avoid going into their bags for cash. Now, not sure about you but I get very angry when I see anyone taunting those less fortunate, please know that your child will receive what I call the “mom” treatment if I see them disrespecting anyone, period. If you don’t like it, don’t book a travel trip with The Unnerved Traveler……

Check in tomorrow as we take a look at the African American history of River Street and the labor force that built the beauty of Savannah that we continue to enjoy today.

“I’m just a brown girl, traveling the world, trying to make something beautiful”.

Ny Unnerved

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  1. Many free sights and sounds in Savannah…So, if u go with low money or no money, there is still a good time to be had! My absolute favorite Georgia vacation destination 💕.


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