The Best Ramen Bowl in Savannah!

Yatai Ramen and Yakitori

The Best Ramen Bowl

Let’s pause for a second and grab a bite to eat! No, I didn’t say it’s time to get crazy and dine in a restaurant, you can forget that, but we can run in and grab some take out and find one of the many public squares within eye blinking distance and enjoy our food. As much as this sounds like a great idea, I don’t want to eat around other people, so I’ll head back to my balcony. Thankfully the second time I dropped in they were just opening and I was able to get pictures without violating the privacy of others.

Yatai has to be the most unique restaurant concept I’ve seen in a while. Think the simplicity of Japanese design, with accents of animation and movies being live streamed from several screens along the brightly painted walls. The tables and stools are nicely spaced, but the restaurant was also jammed packed with patrons, social distancing was three feet at best, but they tried, and masks were required.

The Best Ramen Bowl

Ordering from the menu is simple, pick your broth, noodle, protein and extra toppings if requested. Bowls are served with a soft boiled egg, naruto fish cake, bok choy, green onions, sesame seasoning and seaweed. I always get shiitake mushrooms and extra kimchi. If you feel like you need something to chase that ramen broth, the pork belly buns are my suggestion, if you don’t eat pork, I sympathize with you. I guess you can sacrifice flavor and consider your health by ordering edamame!

The Best Ramen Bowl

Service was quick and order a hot sake while you wait, I did and it was served hot in a plastic animated kiddie cup, don’t judge me. All in all I love the vibe of this restaurant, the staff seemed overwhelmed, they needed more help, but service was provided with pleasant attitudes and smiles! So if you are ever walking down Barnard St, take my advice, stop in, say hi and enjoy some of the best ramen Savannah has to offer.

The best ramen bowl on my balcony.

Much love and great meals from the brown girl traveling the world trying to make something beautiful❤️

Ny Unnerved

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