The Best Accommodations in Savannah Georgia

The Westin Savannah Harbor

The Best Accommodations

Savannah will be our first destination, since it was my most recent trip and my memories are fresh. The Westin Savannah Harbor is my pic for the best hotel on the river, but I doubt if you are traveling with a group of students you will be spending most of your budget on 5 star accommodations. Now, if by chance you are, here are a few ideas that won’t cost you a penny.

The Westin is in perfect proximity to the river, if you can afford the upgrade, a balcony room will curb your craving for an ocean view. No you won’t hear the crashing waves as they rise and fall with the tide, but the river has an energy of its own. Encourage everyone to experience a sunset and wake before first light to see the rising of the sun.

The Best Accommodations

During the night the river is bustling with endless activity, my favorite pastime is watching the tugboats move in, I know a cargo ship from across the world will soon follow, pilled high, stacked like pieces of LEGO’s.

The Best Accommodations

As you head out to explore, the ferry runs from the dock in front of the hotel, every 20-30 minutes depending on the time of day and breaks for lunch. Before you cross the river, check out the Naval historic markers directly in front of the convention center. Spend about 10 minutes reading the markers and looking at the replicas that provide a snippet of maritime history about the N. S. Savannah and the S.S. James Oglethorpe.

Students might not be the least bit interested, but you may have a few who were considering serving their country in the Navy or Coast Guard, this location is perfect for them. From here, all you need to do is turn around, give students the opportunity to observe the many possibilities as a career in this field plays out in front of their very eyes. Let’s hop on the Ferry and cross the river, a waving girl awaits……

The Best Accommodations

Check in tomorrow as we explore the history detailed at different stops along the river.

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