The Little White House

Perfectly labeled and the most impressive surprise of the site. I guess my expectations were of something grand, spacious, and what I had determined in my mind that was “fit for a president”. What I found was a cozy humble abode that provided a refuge from the world hidden between Mountain View’s and forested pines. Immediately all you notice is the serene silence, nothing but the sounds of birds, and the view of impeccable lawns and shrubbery.

The Little White House

The guest houses are the first structures seen in the living areas of the property, notice the size of the ceiling, I had to duck slightly to climb the stairs, and anyone taller than six feet would need to take quick caution. You get the opportunity to see both the old, and newer guest house build for additional guests that didn’t stay in the main house. Again, I was amazed at the simplistic accommodations, because remember everything has been left as it was when President Roosevelt died, so these are not replicated artifacts, they are the originals. Think about all of the past presidents, dignitaries, congressmen and women, musicians and the likes of all that stayed in these exact accommodations.

As you walk around and enter the house from the back, make sure you look down into the back grounds and notice the secret service postings that look like little mini sheds in green. Who wouldn’t want to be a member of secret service at this location, you just might be able to lower your blood pressure while reducing your stress while on duty. The back door entrance leads directly into the kitchen, and based on the wear and tear of the pots, many a delicious meal was had by all. What takes me completely by surprise again is the size of this house, the pictures really don’t show how much of a cozy space this really was. The halls are very narrow and each room connected to the other, for a man in a wheelchair it seems like he would have had a hard time navigating such close corners.

The bedrooms though well furnished, consisted as you can see of the basics, no more or less. The size of the bed looks more like a twin in all rooms, and you could forget about having a secret conversation because even if the few doors were closed, the rooms were so small that I am certain careless whispers were heard. The bathroom was simple and equipped for easy wheelchair access, but again very small. The bathroom opens directly into the bedroom of the First Lady, that held two beds, and a lounge chair, again not much privacy if guests were attending and sharing the room. As a woman, I wonder how she dealt with living in such close proximity with the President as well as sharing her private spaces with the world? Did she struggle to find moments of seclusion, or did she enjoy the daily madness that must accompany being the first family? Personally, I would have been completely unnerved not having any solitude inside the house, but I would have loved the location, proximity to the mountains, and the peace and quiet found on the outside balcony.

The conclusions that I made were that despite what we might expect a President to need, he was definitely content being in a home that he loved where he could be himself and enjoy life away from the business of running the country. I could be wrong, but that is my opinion based on how I felt in the moment. If you have an hour or two to spare and you are in the area of Warm Springs, Pine Mountain, Calloway Gardens, or FDR State Park, ride on down and check out The Little White House, you will experience a range of emotions, and be thankful for the ease of exploring the world on the two feet that we take for granted daily!

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