The Best Educational Travel Concierge in Georgia!

Hi I’m Nyri, founder of The Unnerved Traveler, the best educational travel concierge service in the state of Georgia (because I claim what I desire to achieve) and I’m My goal is to provide opportunities for students and educators to experience curriculum based travel in its most organic form, through exposure to the world. I live by the phrase “Unnerved” because life has a way of throwing situations at me that force me completely outside of my comfort zone.

The Unnerved Traveler

Traveling has become the salve that healed my deepest wounds and forced me to find gratitude in what didn’t break my spirit. For young adults today, the journey to finding self is continuous, and the road ahead is always unpredictable, stay the course of your dreams and know you are headed in the right direction.

For the month of Blogtober, my goal is to experiment with many different posts that will force me away from my norm, so while the content may seem far fetched, this is a well structured plan. Last year during October I became frustrated with what seemed like forced creativity, this month I plan to have fun and not get down on myself if I miss a day of posting. Best of luck to all my fellow writers and bloggers taking on the challenge.

Thanks for following, and I hope that my content inspires you to travel and become unnerved with me. Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, still trying to make something beautiful ❤️

Nyri Unnerved