Georgia Covid Unnerved

Stone Mountain State Park

Seams like the world remains at a constant simmer, as humans continue to exist amongst the madness. That tension fills the air, open your mouth, taste it. The hate that clouds judgement, destroys relationships and sets a city ablaze is rampant, and the beauty found on Stone Mountain celebrates it. Yes, it’s a state park, public space, but every corner is a reminder that being black in the southern states continues to be a temporary privilege and not your right as a citizen.

The rugged landscape is surrounded by breathtaking views and filled with sights and smells from across the globe. How, you ask is this possible? Take an early morning hike and the mix of races and sounds of many languages heard fills the conscious mind with pleasure. For me, this is life, this allows me to forget that on this mountain men nurtured hate as members of the KKK. I carry on, climb and calm that simmer that lives in me as well.

The hike is hard, fighting the confederacy along the way, flags, markings, carvings, statues, reminders of the fight to maintain a life of bondage. All to continue the greed and excess celebrated through the flesh of the ancestors as the oppressors feed the demon king of cotton. There is no stopping, it’s sun up, head straight, breathe, and keep moving. Your legs will ache, chest will burn, keep moving, one step at a time, hands on your hip, moving. The mountain is no trail, keep moving.

Listen to the sounds of others fighting the mountain, the laughs, cries, falls, and join them, encourage them, support them. Though the world continues to self destruct amid Covid and racial injustices I feel an energy of protection from everyone challenging their ability to enjoy and tackle nature. The look in their eyes as you pass, kindness radiates in any language, and I’m hopeful of better days to come.

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, in a physical fight with the history of injustice but still making something beautiful.

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