Benefits of Club Kingston Airport Lounge

Have you taken advantage of an airport lounge while traveling? I haven’t had the pleasure previously so when I saw the option at Norman Manley International I decided to check it out. You make reservations online or by calling and the price for packages starts at $33.00 per person. 

Upon arrival I was pleasantly greeted by the desk attendant who verified my name and checked my passport, she then explained she would make an announcement when boarding began and invited me to enjoy breakfast. 

The lounge has ample seating and an array of pictures documenting the history of Jamaica and many of its celebrated citizens past and present. Had I not just spent a week roaming the island, I could have learned about its rich history, highly decorated citizens and favorite foods simply by my visit to the lounge. 

There is a bar for you to order alcoholic beverages, a small buffet, and a restaurant to order items from the daily menu. The restrooms were spacious, clean and had the type of doors that offer maximum privacy if your stomach proved to be a little uncooperative before a flight. 

Sadly I was disappointed by the lack of breakfast food despite me arriving during what could still be considered breakfast time. The ackee and saltfish was finished, the oatmeal porridge was cold, and there was no coffee in the pot. I decided to order some fries, and to my dismay they were served lukewarm, not fried, more like lightly microwaved, with a few sprigs of half dead lettuce and carrots. 

Now, the ladies running the floor were very pleasant, but definitely should have returned that food to the cook. The saving grace was the refreshed food on the buffet included some lovely cheese finger sandwiches, a nicely spiced pasta salad and a tart but sweet cherry juice! I made my peace with the lack of breakfast despite wanting to enjoy a last meal of one of my culinary favorites before I left Jamaica! Patty lovers, they do have a nice hot selection that includes callaloo for you who prefer a vegetarian option.

All in all I enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend it to other travelers. I will not hold the bad fries against the club, but the cook should know better and take that unappetizing vegetable array off the plates please! 

Now, I did hear other patrons complaining about not being escorted to the terminal so they were allowed to board first as is the norm, but since this was my first experience and we did board with priority I am not in a position to complain because I was satisfied with my experience. 

So the next time you are entering or leaving Jamaica, give Club Kingston an opportunity to provide you with some nice service that will allow you to calm your nerves and ensure you have a pleasant flight home! The link to the lounge as well as reservations is listed below. 

✅Terminal Escort

✅Priority Boarding

✅Restaurant, Buffet and Bar

✅Luxury Restroom  

✅Business Center

✅Spa Services 

Club Kingston Lounge 

Airport Lounges – Norman Manley International Airport (


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Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️

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