First Place to Eat in Jamaica, Gloria’s in Port Royal!

Gloria’s Seafood Port Royal 

My very first introduction to a week of fantastic eats began at Gloria’s Seafood in Port Royal! This lovely establishment has two locations in close proximity to each other and is about a 20 minute drive from the airport. After a brief fight with our GPS and none of the local favorites in stock, we realized that we were at the second location and might need to head to the first if we wanted to eat. I did, however, enjoy the lively attitude of Sharika who was our hostess. She had us laughing especially as she had to break the news time and time again about another menu item that they did not have! 

The main location of Gloria’s is waterfront and directly across from the Police Station. Head upstairs where you have a nice breeze off the water, a bit more shade and watch how quickly your mind begins to relax as you settle into a nice drink of coconut water and rum while you decide on lunch! 

I am a steam fish and soup type of girl when fresh off a flight and this plate did not disappoint. The fist was nicely seasoned, just enough heat and packed full of okra, pumpkin, onions, tomatoes, and just enough gravy to soak up that steamed bammy (cassava cake). Fried breadfruit that was slightly sweet and crisp was the perfect side. A small portion of cabbage dresses the plate and is just enough to add the additional crunch. 

All fish comes fried or steamed whole, with the head on. If you are not used to eating a whole fish with bones, you must carefully pay attention to the direction that the flesh lays and carefully remove it with your fork in the direction of your bone. This is the time to eat with your hands and place a plate on the table for bones only, trust me, you will see everyone doing the same. Nobody has time to bust a heimlich maneuver because you decide to choke on a fish bone so stop being cute and dig in! 

The menu has many local faves including curry shrimp and lobster, fried chicken and vegetarian options. Just be advised that certain items are only sold on certain days and based on availability they just might be out of exactly what you want. 

The wait staff was friendly, a young girl who had the responsibility of most of the upstairs dining room, did her best with a smile and was very accommodating and polite. Now guys, do not expect your food to be finished in 15 minutes, we waited an hour, so I suggest you order a few drinks, catch the breeze, relax, take in some conversation and enjoy the sounds of Jamaica while you wait on your meal that will not disappoint! 

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Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️

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