Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! I am taking my American born children for a visit to my home country for the first time.

Any suggestions on how to spark a bit of excitement in teens who seem to have no interest in traveling, I am almost considering leaving them at home! Sincerely~Sulking Teens

Dear Sulking Teens! 

Pay them no attention and keep on making those plans to drag them to the land of your birth! They are simply being teens, and if they were excited you might have cause to worry, because when are they excited about doing anything that does not benefit them? Gotta love them for that. Trust me, they will enjoy this trip and it will be one of their most memorable. As much as teens like to act as if they have no time for us parents, they secretly desire those moments when they feel like we are sharing a part of who we are with them, and you taking them home is exactly that.

They will value that you were excited to show them where you were born, how you grew up, the foods that are special, the people who were left behind who will greet them with genuine love and cater to their every wish and whim. They will be fed excessively and taken to every tourist or teen attraction that is a must see. I am going to assume they have cousins of the same age as well, and we know with cousins comes that wonderful mischief and adventure that only happens on that very first trip out of the country!

So job well done mom, and pay no mind to those drooping faces, they will be filled with smiles during the trip and a slight sadness when it is finally time to come home!


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