Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! How can I see everything while traveling? I want to get my money’s worth and see as much as possible. Isn’t a few minutes at all the main sites better than missing them for a longer time somewhere else? Sincerely Money Maxx

Ok Money Maxx!

Let’s get down to business about these unrealistic expectations that you have that will ruin any trip. It is not possible to see everything, trust me, I have tried and I had the same mentality as you so I completely understand. What ends up happening is that you really miss everything by enjoying nothing completely. Here are a few tips that help me see as much as possible.

Buy a book at the gift shop, something that gives you the details about what you might have missed, this way when you have some down time you can marvel at some of the sights that you didn’t have time to see. Coloring books are also a good option as well as sets of postcards, there are usually some good quality pictures that you can’t often get because they are full of the details a professional photographer won’t miss. I also ask the locals or the guide what is the “must see” area and head there first.

If you are ever given the option for the first excursion of the day, take it, getting up as the cocks crow means a lot less tourists and you get to see so much more! And when all else fails, go during the off season if possible! Let me know how these tips work on your next trip!

Safe Travels~Nyri

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