Claim Your Greatnesses

Many times the accomplishments of others leave us feeling intimidated. We might say “oh I can’t do something of that magnitude, or that type of success will never happen to me I’m just a regular person”. I’m sure Ramesses II didn’t have that type of mindset, to leave a legacy for thousands of years to come, he couldn’t have questioned his ability for greatness. And if he did, he didn’t dwell in those feelings for long.

We all have a gift that is distinct and what the universe intended. Yes someone else might share the gift, but the individual stamp that is your own makes it unique. I challenge you all to think about your greatest self, and keep working towards your goals. In my mind I’m an international travel writer and travel education consultant. My reality is somewhat similar, I’m a travel enthusiast, educator, blogger and travel writer. My goals are a constant work in progress, but I am learning to believe in my success and claim it!

Yes I have days filled with doubt, overwhelming fear of failure and success but small consistent steps keep me motivated. I’m trying to focus less on the opinions of others, and just enjoy the journey. Many days I mull over what to post, when to post, engagement numbers and I’ve concluded that it’s too stressful and limits my creativity. There really aren’t any rules to follow in this game. I’ll do what I want, post when I want, enjoy taking pictures, making videos, and writing about my travel adventures along the way.

Tell me how you plan to step into your greatness by stepping out of your comfort zone in the comments!

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, no longer trying, but actively making something beautiful~Ny Unnerved

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