Mark of Excellence

When leaving your mark on the world is definitely an understatement! Ramesses II also known as Ramesses the Great for good reason. After all of the sights I had seen sweating across Egypt, landing on the banks of Lake Nasser and crossing the sands around what simply looked like small mountains of rocks, opened to a view that left me speechless. Welcome to The Abu Simbel Temples, the Great Temple of Ramesses II on the left and the Small Temple of Hathor and Queen Nefetari (not pictured) on the right. I was no longer upset about the awful flight, I realized in an instant it was a small price to pay for this snapshot inside the reign of a great pharaoh.

His and Hers has a complete different meaning when marveling at these temples. I was quite intrigued with how well preserved the insides were, but there was no photography allowed. Whenever I see those signs as tempted as I am to sneak a shot, I would never want my excitement to preserve a memory impact artifact preservation, or worse, land my ass in jail. So these shots outside will have to suffice for now. And to think, these temples were dissembled and reassembled, yes pieces are missing and damaged, but they are simply perfect.

Much love from the brown girl, traveling the world, who has found soooooo much that is beautiful.

Ny Unnerved

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