Nothing Better Than a Free Education

The summer is a great time to seek out activities that get kids away from the video games and off social media. The Arizona Science Center is a great place to start. For active duty service members it’s free for up to 5 family members, find a family, get in line. The feature exhibit is only an additional 10 dollars and I would recommend checking it out. Mummies of the World was well worth it. They do validate your parking, so after 4 hours of exploration we paid only 3 dollars for parking.

What I love most about the science center is that all information is provided in Spanish as well as English and most of the mini exhibits provided a connection to a career path. I learned the difference between a plane versus a helicopter pilot. I learned about the construction field and the different skill set of each technical trade. The display used samples of each room in a home and the parts used to construct that room. I learned about parts of the body and the medical staff that specialize in that area.

The most impactful area based on my personal interests, was learning about the land in Arizona and the different careers that I never knew existed in that field.

Farming was also well represented with pictures and tools from the early 1900’s. The different crops as well as the introduction of queen cotton was on full display.

Not ready to go home, walk over to Heritage Square and learn about the early construction and development in the city of Phoenix and the Rosson family. Explore the houses and marvel at the remaining artifacts. The tours are usually held every hour.

This is a day of money well spent for adults and children. All activities are inside and any walking outside is in close proximity to parking. There is a cafe inside the science center with reasonable snack options and kiosks with drinks popcorn and candies.

The gift shops are a bit pricey for items such as t-shirts and coffee mugs but you can find rocks and minerals at a reasonable price and they are a cool trinket for kids. If you do decide to explore the featured exhibit remember they don’t allow food or drinks inside or cell phone photos. This day cost me a total of 14.95, kept me engaged in history and science and allowed me to share moments with family and children of all ages.

Wishing you days full of fun, history and science with an education at an extensive discount.

Nyri Unnerved

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