Old Town Road

Looking for a quaint place to shop, say a prayer and have some spectacular Mexican food? Old Town Scottsdale is a great place to start. Head over to Los Olivos Mexican Restaurant and enjoy some traditional homemade favorites, this is real Mexican food!

The menu is extensive and accommodating to all but please don’t ask them to change anything that comes with your order, enjoy all that cheese, you can resume your diet another day. Don’t fret if your basket of chips and salsa isn’t refilled, the first basket is complementary, there is a small charge for the others. Sip on a refreshing Michelada so you can go out and face the disrespectful heat with a slight buzz.

Head over to the Old Adobe Mission and soak up a bit of history and say a prayer. You will need it because you will most definitely need to ask for forgiveness after you spend all your money shopping as I did. The mission is the oldest standing church in Scottsdale and was built by hand by Mexicans that settled the area in 1910. It’s open daily so drop in and appreciate the beauty, get a dose of culture regardless of your religious preferences or beliefs.

Stroll leisurely around the small streets and check out the shops, they have great trinkets, gifts and many displays of Native American artwork and pottery. You can also see a lot of art that is on display in the common areas around the city, you will enjoy the horses and other copper statues in front of restaurants and in the open.

All in all this is a great spot to enjoy a good meal, do a bit of shopping and give thanks. As the sun begins to set, the sounds of music can be heard, put your bags in the car and go back and shake a leg to Old Town Road!

Stay hydrated, healthy and humble! Ny Unnerved

4 thoughts on “Old Town Road”

  1. Go Ny! OMG! The landscape… Everything looks so nice! I gotta plan a trip. Ive never been to Arizona. But u have put that idea in my head!


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