Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! Can you tell me why my travel agent charges a “consultation” fee?

I mean, they already get a commission from my booking, why do they need to charge additional fees? Sincerely~Baffled Booking

Dear Baffled Booking!

Calm down before that blood pressure rises any further. I can almost say for certain that your agent is tired of people who have no intention of booking a trip wasting their time. I am going to be honest here and I can speak with first hand experience on this issue because I am an independent travel agent myself. People will have no regard for the time it takes to research trip options and quotes, have you spending days going back and forth with them on prices, not respond in a timely manner to messages, and then either book one of the options you suggested themself, or find something on a bargain website 10 dollars cheaper than the price you quoted them.

Get burned enough times and you learn, charging a booking fee weeds out the people who are not serious. Think about it from another aspect, can you spend hours in the nail shop testing different colors or have your beautician change your hairstyle several times only to leave and go to another shop without compensation? No, you would not dare and you would have to pay for each service before leaving. Why does a travel agent deserve anything less than that same respect and consideration? The fee goes towards your deposit, so pay it and get to the business of traveling!

Hope this helps, and safe travels~Nyri 

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