The Burger, The Cathedral and The Croissant!

The Burger

Isn’t she beautiful? Don’t dare ask me where I was when I ate this burger, all I know is that I was in Strasbourg France, we somehow stepped out of the car into a monsoon, and this was the closest cover. Soaking wet, slightly unnerved, but also hungry, we sat down in a cafe that overlooked the courtyard of the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg.

Rarely do I eat burgers, but dammit when I do, they better be good. This burger was fantastic! The bun was soft yet slightly crusty like a baguette , dressed with a red sauce that was definitely not ketchup, bitter greens, red onions and a rich blue cheese. The burger itself was lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, the freshness of the meat was enough and it was cooked to a perfect temperature. I have learned that while traveling it’s best to let the cooks and chefs do what they do, and rarely have I been disappointed. I am so sorry friends that I am unable to provide the link and exact location of this cafe, because this burger just might change your appreciation for meat!

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Lean out the window and take the pic!

Do you ever just sit and marvel at the ability of humans? We are amazing, always have been, regardless of what anyone thinks, I know this to be true. Looking up at the Cathedral, learning it took over 400 years to complete and that for over 200 years it was the tallest christian structure in the world, I am in awe of those who I am sure risked and lost their lives while constructing this architectural wonder. Look closely at the intricate detail taken to carve the statues, the gold that literally drips from columns and sanctuaries, the vaulted ceilings, the organ pipes, and how the light from the candles lit reflects off the faces of those who drop in to say a prayer and receive a blessing.

This was another day I spent most of my time in silence, just enjoying the beauty of this cathedral, and listening to the different languages spoken by other visitors. Many were elderly, with walkers and wheelchairs, not deterred by the pouring rain and cold, accompanied lovingly by family. As you can see I shared a blessing and picture with a young lady as I lit my candle and prayed for peace, guidance but most of all strength. Days before I left for this trip I was ready to set my house on fire and enjoy watching it burn, I was angry and anger is not an emotion that I am used to feeling in it’s purest form. So in that moment, with a young girl over my shoulder I was asking God to give me the strength to deal with the shit show that had become my life, guide my future steps, and keep me out of jail.

One of my reasons for always finding a place of worship is because I feel like I can leave whatever personal challenges I have in that part of the world in that moment. No I am not a Catholic, but what does it matter, this cathedral was where I was able to find peace, and strength to keep living, and loving another day. No, I will not post all of the historic details about this location, that isn’t what was in my heart to do in the moment, it was to simply share the feelings of joy that I experienced being there and hopefully show why visiting a place of worship can do the same for you.

The Croissant

You will find cafes and bakeries on every corner in France, but if you just drive past them thinking about the butter, sugar, chocolate and what fits your Keto diet, you are missing one of the best aspects of life. If you have’t had a croissant in France an you have been, shame on you! Everyone knows I love nothing more than a good cup of coffee or tea, and a pastry. Well the almond croissant that I picked up on the drive home had me so involved in eating that I forgot about taking a picture to share. I did however catch a snap of the window where it was purchased so you can decide for yourself. Talk about crust being flaky and full of favor and butter, the perfect balance of crust and almonds, it was more savory than sweet, my GOD! If I lived in France I would be happily fluffy, and proud!

I say goodbye to Strasbourg, it owes me nothing, but this will not be my last trip to France, I will be back!!!!! Take a visual tour with the link attached and plan your trip to the beautiful city that is more German than French, and more French than German! Have a burger, enjoy a croissant and say a prayer or two for the people and things we love about this life that we are only given once to live!

“I’m just a brown girl traveling the world trying to make something beautiful”

Ny Unnerved

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