What The Pho Phoenix!

Who would think temperatures in the hundreds would welcome a hot steaming, spicy, sour bowl of Pho? The weather in Phoenix has me reminiscing on the summer I spent in Egypt 10 years ago. The sun is simply spectacular but your skin sizzles as temperatures peak in the early evening upwards of 110 degrees. As the car heating index reads 117 droplets of sweat slowly pool down my back. Stepping outside to take pictures seemed like a great idea, the shade of the trees provided refuge from the suns rays but little else.

Seeking a quick lunch and some air conditioning, the Vietnamese cafe on the corner was right on time. What better is there than a steaming bowl of Pho? I completely forgot about the heat, loaded it with chili’s, mint and lime and literally drank the broth before I touched the vegetables, noodles and tofu.

If you aren’t familiar with Pho, it’s a Vietnamese soup filled with noodles, meat, and most importantly the rich broth. It comes with bean sprouts, lettuce, slices of lime, mint, cilantro and chili’s on the side. If you are a vegetarian it comes full of baby bok choy, broccoli, onions, tofu and a broth so layered with flavor you don’t miss the meat. Though I’m not vegetarian, it’s my favorite when having pho. You control the level of heat, and know the chili packs a spicy but not overwhelming punch.

Don’t let the delirium of dehydration convince you that enjoying a bowl of soup in the summer is a bad idea, I’m positive I drank a gallon of broth to replenish my depleted electrolyte levels at Pho Bowl Vietnamese Cuisine.

Enjoy the spice of life and stay cool my friends💕 Nyri Unnerved

Pho Bowl Vietnamese Cuisine🍲 1820 N 75th Ave, Phoenix Az 85035 623-235-6311

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