10 Tips For Filing Travel Insurance Claims!

Don’t Be An Unnerved Traveler

  1. Purchase insurance with your flight, hotel, cruise or vacation package. 
  1. Locate the company information on the policy you receive via email after trip purchase. 
  1. Look at the policy and read the Declaration of Coverage, this will explain your reimbursement amounts if you have to file a claim. 
  1. If your trip is interrupted and you need to file a claim, go to the website or download a claim form. Delta and Southwest both use Allianz Travel Insurance
  1. Submitting electronically is much easier and you will receive your refund faster. 
  1. Remember to keep receipts for all purchases made that day! 
  2. Keep a copy of the itinerary going and returning as well as proof of the cancellation or trip interruption via email as well as text message. You must show proof. 
  3. Upload documents for food, hotel, parking, groceries, transportation. Anything that caused you to spend additional money during the delay or canceled trip. 
  4. Complete the statement portion on the claim form, sign it, make sure all information is correct and submit. 
  5. Save the confirmation number

Bonus Tip~Yes you can go back and upload documents at a later date if needed. I have had to wait for my credit card statement and used that as proof of purchases.  

Bonus Tip~The policy has a “standard rate” if you don’t submit receipts, they try not to give you the full amount due, pay attention and read the fine print! 

Congratulations! You have just successfully filed a travel insurance claim, please make sure your address is correct, your payment should be in your mailbox in 15-30 days! 

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Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler

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