Final Reflection on Egypt

I loved Egypt! I loved everything about my trip, even getting sick was a learning experience. I saw the sights I dreamed as a child of seeing, as they graced the pages of National Geographic Magazine. I didn’t feel “black” I felt like an African “Nubian” to be exact because that is how I was addressed. 

Male strangers were kind and caring, even went as far as to say “head back to your ship, it’s getting dark, you don’t want to be bothered by men because you are alone at night”. 

I was given medicine to make me feel better and kill whatever bacteria was in my stomach by the guide and driver. Yes it had me laid out, but after a full 48 hours of rest and hydration, I was good as new and enjoyed every moment remaining. I missed the Valley of The Kings but I probably would have died of heat stroke had I tried to attempt it after being so sick. That will be my first stop upon my return! 

I laughed with children who tried to take my last few dollars on poor quality postcards, and managed to master 3 words of Arabic, a feat that I am most proud of today! 

I was impressed with the skill of a young man with Down Syndrome who was assisting the captain sail a felucca. Proving that exposure and life skills are essential for children with disabilities, though here we act as if an IEP  will shape their life after school. This young man had nothing but the guidance of his parents, no specialized instruction and here he was contributing to the tourism industry and earning a wage with his father. 

I lost my battle with turbulence, and was thankful I didn’t lose my nerve to get on the flight because the sight was more than worth the discomfort of my stomach and frayed nerves! 

I enjoyed all the food, bread, and that hibiscus tea morning, noon and night! I am still searching for oils that have the same potency and fragrance to no avail. I marveled at the architectural structures that remain after thousands of years, yet we can’t seem to build structures to withstand the winds of a category 4 hurricane. 

The heat was brutal, it kicked my ass, but most days I was simply in awe of what the hands of humans are able to create. 

Egypt is sexy, mysterious, holds secrets beneath the sand, it will always hold my heart as the most inspiring travel experience to date! I will return with the intention of capturing every missed moment! 

Much Love

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler

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