Things I Wish I Knew When Traveling to Egypt

Tip Number 3

Don’t expect to find toilet paper, so always have a few small packs or a roll in your backpack or purse. I am not sure how much things have changed since my visit, but many places did not have toilet paper and if they did it was in short supply. The big tourist sites were a little better, but again, you will see a hose with water to rinse your behind, so if you decide that is the route to take, you can use the toilet paper to dry!

Trust me, it wasn’t bad at all, quite refreshing and I felt a bit cleaner having run a bit of water up my ass. There will be ladies maintaining the bathrooms in most places, sometimes they are rationing the paper, make sure you give them a smile and a nice tip!

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler   

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