How I Blog/ Vlog A Trip Entry 7

Support Other Bloggers

Find a group of bloggers and vloggers you enjoy on whatever social media platform you choose and support their content. No, you won’t be able to engage with every post, but when you see something you really love, drop them a genuine comment, share the post, tag them, and invite others to follow them. I have a group that travel, share tips, run travel agencies, take spectacular photographs, hike, focus on nature, fly planes, the list is endless.

The goal is to find people who inspire you with the content they create. No, not so that you can copy it, but so you can learn something you didn’t know and might be encouraged to try different types of traveling. You will also find that much like you, they are second guessing their content, dealing with imposter syndrome, and fighting fears by doing what they enjoy. Seeing others successful in this weird social media travel game is a form of encouragement to keep writing, sharing and doing what I love for myself first, as well as others.

Starting a blog/vlog has not been easy, you are essentially putting your heart on paper, video, audio, for the world to criticize. As I continue to read about the trials of authors who had what is now their best work rejected for years, my choice is simple, to keep going! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini class on How I Blog A Trip! Drop me a comment and let me know if you learned something new and are now inspired to start your own blog! 

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️  

4 thoughts on “How I Blog/ Vlog A Trip Entry 7”

  1. This is an awesome post. Let me see if I have the key points of your post:
    You’re a trooper! I’ve never had to put up with so much criticism, but you manage it all with grace. Keep up the good work!
    Let me know if I missed the take aways.
    Thank you


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