How I Blog/Vlog A Trip Entry 6

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✅ You need some friends and family to include in the fun, well you don’t need them, but take advantage of the times when you have them! 

✅ Ask if they will help with pictures, videos, any missed details that turn into new content ideas. I can’t tell you how many times someone said “Nyri put that on the blog” ! 

✅ Pay attention to conversations that turn into ideas and tips, so many times I am engrossed in one thing I forget about capturing a picture, video or remembering a name that I didn’t ask for. Family and friends have always saved the day, and happily allow me to use their pictures and snippets afterwards. 

✅ Check out some of your favorite vloggers, they usually have a team that is just as invested in their content as they are, a supportive crew helps! 

So don’t forget to invite others to join your next travel production, everyone is an unnerved traveler if we outside together!

Stay tuned for the final entry next Wednesday in my How To Blog/Vlog A Trip series. 

Drop me a comment with any questions you have and please like and share this post if it can be helpful to other travelers looking to start a blog!

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️

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