How I Blog/Vlog A Trip Entry 5

Post on All Platforms

Post everywhere you enjoy posting, content has a different impact on different platforms based on the audience. Some days I have several comments on a blog post using WordPress, other days the most traffic is on Facebook or Instagram. I am not active on Linkedin or Twitter, but my posts are shared automatically on those sites as well. Social media can be stressful at times, I have found that pre-scheduling posts helps me organize my content and stay consistent. I know it might seem like a cliche but consistency really does make a difference in your views. 

Now, understand that many people will read your blog, watch your videos, see your post, and not hit the like button, make a comment, or share anything. Don’t spend time taking that personal, keep working, and as you get better, so will the quality of your content. I used to spend months stressing about my lack of followers and audience participation, now I focus on staying consistent and giving travel tips that are helpful. I am always thankful to those who comment, but I no longer worry when they don’t.  

Try something that puts you out of your traditional comfort zone, for me that was making videos that included my voice and also my full face. I used to think I had to look a “certain” way on camera or be dressed, but now I just make a video when an idea, or good tip hits my brain. This usually happens in the car or in the shower, and since I will not be filming anything from the bathroom, the car it is! 

So fight those fears, do something different, exciting, fun, and share it with the world!

Stay tuned for the next entry every Wednesday in my How To Blog/Vlog A Trip series.

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Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️

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