How I Blog/Vlog A Trip Entry 3

Explain The Experience

Do You Want The First Seat?

Tell your readers how you felt about the experience. Remember, you are giving information based on the things that happened to you on your journey, not what they want to hear. If it was unpleasant, convey that by telling them why. 

Since this trip was my first time using JetBlue, I must compare the service to my favorite carrier Delta. Here is an example of a tip on sharing your experience. One of the perks of JetBlue Mosaic is the ability to board first, and pick better seats once you get to the airport. Since I was not responsible for making these reservations and my travel companion thought sitting in the first seat was important so we could get off the plane immediately, I didn’t really have a leg to complain. 

Personally I am not a traveler that needs to get off first on any flight, unless I am trying to make a connection. Usually I pick my seats based on what is available that prevents me from paying for comfort seating unless that is my plan. That first seat leaves no legroom and you can’t recline the seat. Yes, it was an hour and twenty minute flight, but I like to stretch my legs a bit and scoot back. The lovely ladies at the desk also explained that they hate those seats, but as I always say, the preferences of travelers vary for many reasons, so include everything that you think is an important detail. Being first off wasn’t a big deal to me, to him it was important. 

Are there any benefits to getting off first? Yes, you will be the first person through customs, the first person to get a rental car, the first person to see your airport transfer driver, first at a money exchange! So yes, if these things are important to you, by all means grab that first seat on the flight! 

Stay tuned for the next entry every Wednesday in my How To Blog/Vlog A Trip series. 

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Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️

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