How I Blog/Vlog A Trip Entry 2

Provide All Details

Give all the flight details regardless of if you think they need them or not! 

Local flights are simple, you show up with your boarding pass (download the airline app and save it on your phone, you will never lose it. I see many lost paper boarding passes in the restroom, on tables in restaurants, in chairs, but people seldom leave that digital handcuff of a cell phone, so keep your boarding pass in the same space.  

Remembering people may not be familiar with the process of an airline is always at the back of  my mind. For example Southwest Boarding Process is different, no assigned seats, you line up based on your boarding pass letter and position number, yet you still see people asking questions, boarding in the wrong section and looking for seats. So make sure you include those minute details that new followers and first time travelers will appreciate. 

If I am flying with an airline I have never flown before or using a service that is new I make sure I pay close attention to details so that I can give a full and honest review of the experience. This trip was my first experience flying with JetBlue, so I will definitely make notes and comparisons to other airlines and especially my favorite carrier. I have a wide range of reasons why I use different airlines during a trip, sometimes it just comes down to who has the easiest schedule, best price, least amount of connections. 

Every traveler has different needs. Some people are ok with two and three connections to save a few dollars. I prefer the most direct route, some need savings because they are traveling with a family, for me that is a non issue, my son is a young adult and usually travels alone. I like my trip completed in 1 flight, but I share information for every traveler and I hope it is helpful. 

Share Those Tips! 

I like to get a few videos on my way to the gate if I see something informative, or surprising and definitely things that make life for parents traveling with babies and children easier.  This trip I saw Baby Oasis pods where mothers who are breastfeeding can use this private pod without everyone looking on at them in surprise as they nourish their children the way that was intended. For a mom who is bottle feeding this might not be important, but she might tell other traveling moms who are concerned about privacy because they are breastfeeding.  

These are the types of tips that are important to travelers. Why should they follow your page, what do you share that is different and even if it isn’t, what are the little nuggets of information that people need to know or that they find out from you and not others? 

Now get ready to hop on the flight, remember to pack your headphones and electronics because every airline does not have inflight entertainment. Do not bring your own alcohol, it is not allowed, and don’t stress out the flight attendants, pay attention to the safety briefing, you just might need it! 

Don’t fret or worry about engagement, people will watch, read, and never comment or share, so do it for enjoyment first and if people provide additional support it’s a win win! Please do not wait for others to support you, you will be waiting for a lifetime! And if you feel like you are not getting enough traffic, it takes time, just have fun! 

Stay tuned for the next entry every Wednesday in this series! 

Drop me a comment with any questions you have and please like and share this post if it can be helpful to other travelers looking to start a blog!  

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️

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