How I Blog/Vlog A Trip

Entry 1

The first thing I do is ask myself “what do people need to know” and in my opinion, everything! I always think about people who may be traveling for the first time and include many details that seasoned travelers might find unnecessary. 

As I begin any trip I record and note all details from the moment I drop off my car to the moment I pick up my car after landing. Traveling is my business, so I want to show potential clients that I live the life I sell in a vacation package, social media tip and written blogs and posts. 

So let’s take a full trip with me and if you are hesitant about starting your own blog, or social media page, don’t be unnerved, the fun is in learning what works and what doesn’t. 

The Airport 

First I drop off my car and take a picture of the location and lot. Finding a spot on the wall or on the end of a row is best! It is so much easier to find your car if you land at night and are tired. I try to take a quick video and give a few tips but they might not be the best because I’m always aware of people in parking decks who just might want to rob or snatch me up! 

Heading on the tram I try to snap a few quick videos but I’m always aware of other passengers who might not want to be apart of an Unnerved Travel Production 😉

I make my way into the main terminal, check out the restroom,  if I have a long wait, find a restaurant and sit down for a meal. I usually take out my journal and make notes, or open my travel doc files in my phone and jot down things I need to remember later. People need to know how to navigate the airport, since they are all a bit different with some being easier than others. 

Remember some places you visit do not allow video filming or picture taking in the airport so be careful and make sure to check the posted signs! After checking my gate section, I head to that side of the terminal to hop on the tram that leads to that section of the airport based on my airline. I organize my identification so that it is easily accessible for the TSA agent and process through with the hopes that they do not need to open my perfectly packed carryon. 

If I have time to grab a cup of Cuban coffee and chill, I sit down with my journal or a book and hope my flight is not delayed, but if it is I am not unnerved, I have travel protection and cancellations are unavoidable so why stress about them. 

Stay turned for the second entry next Wandering Wednesdays in my How To Blog A Trip series! 

Drop me a comment with any questions you have and please like and share this post if it can be helpful to other travelers! 

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️

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