Unnerved Motivation Monday

Do You Puff Up After A Flight

If you puff up while flying? No shame to admit that fact, I do as well. Make sure you are drinking lots of water before, during and after your flight. Hot lemon water helps but it also has you running to the bathroom and that is why I usually don’t drink it while flying! Compression socks are great for long flights, especially if you notice your feet swell once you land. For me it is usually my face that gives the first signs of flight bloat, and as I look down, my toes are fat like blood pudding! 

Try not to let it ruin your excitement, you can see my face in these pictures, proud and puffy! 

Drop me a comment on what helps you avoid flight bloat! Don’t forget to like and share this tip if it can be helpful to other travelers! 

Nyri~Unnerved Traveler

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