The Best Beach Picnic in Jamaica 🇯🇲

Osheas 876 Kitchen

Are you looking to have a picnic by the beach? Taking a day trip to Portland and wondering where you can stop and relax, take a swim and have some delicious local eats? Check out Osheas 876 Kitchen and reserve your own picnic by the beach.

  • The drive to Portland might be a harrowing long one depending on where you are staying, but it will give you time to see the real jamaica as you pass coastal villages, droves of coconut trees kissing the roads, and an abundance of farms with fruits in season. 
  • The location sits directly on the beach and you will instantly feel the vibe of tranquility as soon as you exit the car and smell the aromas of scotch bonnet, ginger, thyme, garlic and pimento as tunes of Jamaica’s finest tantalize your ears. 
  • A tent will be organized with pillows and a table on the ground, chairs are available for those who would prefer to sit in them. Take this time to grab a swim, explore the cave (but make sure you have shore shoes) and by the time you have enjoyed the tranquil azul waters, a round of soup with both lobster and chicken will be the first of several culinary delights! Both soups were light, with just enough flavor to prepare the pallet for the heavy meal to follow.
  • The prearranged menu allows you to select three main dishes (meat or seafood) that included lobster, snapper, jerk pork, curry goat, oxtail, jerk chicken, fresh vegetable slaw, rice and peas, and festival!  The lobster was sweet, and not overcooked, the snapper nicely seasoned and crisp, the jerk pork tender. The vegetable slaw was crisp and a nice balance to accompany the seafood and meat. Basmati rice was used for the rice and peas, cooked to perfection with a slow hint of heat and fresh coconut milk. I have never tasted a festival that had such sweetness yet held the perfect density and remained fluffy. 
  • I don’t care if you are a fan of juices or not, the cucumber lemonade is an absolute must, and since a fresh coconut comes with the experience, don’t forget to bust it open and scrape out the jelly. 
  • Now, please remember this is outdoor cooking using wood and coal in a tranquil but rustic environment. Don’t expect that bland resort food, or quick service. Prepare your mind to enjoy island time so that your expectations of the experience are not tainted. 
  • The food is all cooked fresh, and on site after arrival, so please understand if the wait time seems extended. All staff assist in cooking and serving, but are very friendly and attentive. Take a minute to visit the guys under the tent over the flames, nothing but happy smiles ready to answer questions and explain what’s bubbling in the pot! 
  • This is a hard working crew, make sure you tip them well and give honest feedback about the food and service, I am sure it will be much appreciated! 

So the next time you visit Jamaica, take a ride up into the country and enjoy a beachside picnic at Osheas 876 Kitchen! Don’t forget to tell them The Unnerved Traveler sent you!

Reservation Contact Information 

Check them out on Instagram @Osheas876 and send them a message on whatsapp at 876-408-7322 for reservations! 

Drop me a comment with any questions you have and please like and share this post if it can be helpful to other travelers heading to Jamaica!  

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️

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