The Greatest Travel Gift Ideas Under 10 Dollars!

✅Travel Blanket~you can find these in bins all over during the holidays, usually no more than 5 dollars. If you look in the camping section they won’t always have a holiday theme, but they are better quality and warmer.

✅Travel Pillow~neck pillows are quite popular, try to find one that you can remove the cover and wash between trips. 

✅Packing Cubes~a great way to organize your clothing and maximize space when packing, I can fit twice as much when used. 

✅Travel Electronics~off brand chargers, headphones, plug adapters, extension cords, earbuds

✅Cosmetics Bag~a great way to organize those liquids in a bag that can hold them neatly and keep them from spilling. 

✅Bag Tags~always set your bag apart from thousands of others with tags. 

✅Passport Booklet~a passport needs a home with some protection, a booklet is perfect. 

Drop me a comment with the travel gifts you want this season. Share this tip, it may be helpful to other travelers! 

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️

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