The Ultimate Travel Gift Guide!


✅If you are going to give the gift of luggage, invest a few extra dollars so that it lasts a few years! I’ve learned that buying the “cheapest” ends up costing more because you are forced to by another set after one trip! 

✅Checking your baggage is always a risk and the rough treatment can often destroy your suitcases. 

✅Try not to buy cloth suitcases if at all possible, and remember that everyone has a “black” bag! Find something colorful that stands out or buy travel tags and scarves that allow quick identification. 

✅Marshall’s, Tj Maxx, Ross, Burlington, are all great places to find higher end luggage at a reasonable price. 

✅Luggage includes backpacks, duffle bags, rolling suitcases, laptop bags, briefcases, garment bags and any bag used while traveling. 

Drop a comment with your favorite luggage brand! Share this tip, it may be helpful to other travelers! 

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Travel Gift Guide!”

  1. Nautica suitcase – check-in size, but sturdy, spacious, long-lasting, and reliable. Bought it from TJ Maxx 4 years ago and it is still going. It also has 4 spinner wheels. Best piece of luggage I have ever bought! I also like backpacks made by Samsonite or SWISSGEAR.

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