Finalize Your Global Entry on Entry!

Unnerved Travel Tip Tuesday!

Did you know you can complete your global entry interview when you return from an international trip? If you have submitted and paid the application fee and your status is pending approval, you can have it finalized on your re-entry into the United States at many airports depending on your entry state. 

Upon landing at FLL, all I did was process through customs and border patrol, the agent asked me after scanning my passport if I wanted to complete my interview and of course I said yes! He asked me several questions, took my fingerprints, snapped a picture (I didn’t get to see it so I am not sure if it’s cute) and told me once approved I would receive an email and my card in the mail within 30 days. I was literally finished in 5 minutes, and by late afternoon, I had an email with my approval, membership number and access to TSA PreCheck as well! 

Due to an increased volume of applications, the wait time for approval is 4-6 months, so if you are heading out of the country, try to secure your approval when you return! 

The following websites below are where you can apply and if you want to check the airports in your state that participate in the EOA (Enrollment on Arrival) you can click that link as well. 

Trusted Traveler Program (Global Entry)


Enrollment on Arrival 

Website :

Florida Participating Airports

FLL- Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Terminal 1 & Terminal 4

MIA-Miami International North Terminal Concourse D & South Terminal Concourse J

MCO-Orlando International Airside 1 & Airside 2 

SFB-Orlando Sanford International Terminal A 

TPA-Tampa International Airside F Booth 14 

Drop me a comment with any questions you have and please like and share this post if it can be helpful to other travelers! 

Nyri~The Unnerved Traveler ✈️

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