Light Sleep

She was always a light sleeper, woke with the slightest touch, but dreamed deeply. Her rest was a time to recover, not an escape of worlds as it is for most. Her days were busy, filled with the activities of university life and saving the world, and the bustle of each day filled her face with a passion that enhanced her beauty. Dimples they called her, both cheeks held holes the size of olives that made you want to grab her face and kiss her. Her looks were oblivious to her, she had no idea she was pretty, and that itself is a danger to any woman. 

Dimples seemed to be watching herself while not understanding her surroundings, she was sleepy, yet awake, and all she wanted to do was lay her head back on the pillow and rest. Her hair was being stroked gently and a voice spoke softly in her ear, a voice that was familiar but unrecognizable all the same, another voice, and another, and another…

She woke in her bed, body aching and a smell she didn’t recognize was on her body, yet she had no memory of anything except coming home and seeing all her brothers friends in the basement, speaking to them and sharing the spicy Chinese fried chicken and rice they brought, her favorite! Heading to the bathroom she noticed the small bruises on her arms, like she had been pricked with a needle. After vomiting for what seemed like hours, she sank into the hot water of the bath and let the water cover her body as her mind roamed on what could have possibly occurred the last few hours. She knew she didn’t feel well but she didn’t know why.

As if knowing she needed answers, her mind began to show her flashes of the night before, her brother, his friends, her brother, his friends, her brother, brother, bro…

The water was warm and engulfed her hurt softly, she was loved here, free here, and it was here she decided she wanted to remain. 

He found her cold, face blue, death had claimed her, and he, her twin, lay lifeless at her feet. 

They were identical, he was just as beautiful as she, but his cheek held one dimple, their only difference, they were alike in every way, one person split into two. But as much as he loved her, he envied her spirit, she never cared what anyone thought, and he was consumed with being accepted. His “bros” had convinced him to drug his sister so they could all “get a chance” and he took one too, they said this would show them he was “about that life”. 

Maybe he would find her in the afterlife, so he could explain, maybe he would get the chance to make it up to her, or maybe he would burn in those flames of hell but he knew that this life would never be a life he could face without her. He stepped in that cold bath with her, held her lifeless body tight, two souls becoming one, and let the water rid him of his last living breath. 

The Unnerved Traveler

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