A Woman In Recovery

Part 7

I always knew she was responsible but I could never prove it. This time my plan worked perfectly. Kevin has been my boyfriend for a while and I finally told him my suspicions, thankfully he is also a therapist and I could trust him completely with my truth. He saw the signs, and was prepared to receive that call I knew was coming. 

Yes I do suffer with PTSD from abuse inflicted by my mother at the instruction of her husband, yes he told her what to do, she participated and complied. The only reason he is gone is because he got caught in the bed of her sister, the “pretty one”. Make no mistake, he left, and she waits for his return. I’ve learned to play the victim, pathetic and weak, the only way to disarm that beast. She’s been stealing my money for years. With each hospital visit she becomes less careful and since she drinks excessively, her lips are a bit loose. My cousin, who she desires for a daughter, remains her biggest confidant but my greatest friend. 

This will be my final trip to the psychiatric ward, the jacket can be her own, orange a flattering shade for her new wardrobe. This time i’ve told it all, shared it all, and with the help of Kevin, my cousin Rosie, and the police, the three of them will finally get what they deserve. I’ve lived in fear as a child, a young woman, and in midlife it’s time to stop protecting “them” out of shame. 

So here I sit, fragile as they say, manipulating those aroused by my suffering, regaining my power and all the funds they collectively owed me! 

Unnerved no longer, I’m in complete control of my reality!

Family is often the biggest enabler of abusers, they believe the lies, participate in manipulation, and can assist in the mental instability of those they claim to love yet don’t fully believe or support.

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The Unnerved Traveler

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