Social And Media

He thinks I don’t know about the white girl he keeps hidden in Florida but since she’s my friend on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I know all their business. I’ve had a fake page for years, with hundreds of followers and pictures, so I’m a legit social media presence. A friend request from @JennyofJapan, a pretty mixed girl with almond eyes,who smiles in pictures with pieces of sushi, wouldn’t seem strange at all. She loves sushi too I know because she’s been posting date nights with the Japanese delight for 2 years. They have been together for three and I know about the abortion 6 months ago, those cryptic posts were easy to interpret.

I have no issue with @Sunshinestacy, her name is Stacy, she owes me nothing, so I don’t bother her, actually she allows me the room to maintain the relationships I juggle on a daily. So why would I bother her, get angry, text, call her phone, show up on her doorstep? I leave that for April, the poor high school senior who met him at Chick Fil A and thought he had money. Sorry to tell her it was my car he was driving, I’ve got the money April, you should be fucking me!

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The Unnerved Traveler

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