Home Visit

5 little faces peep around a large magnolia consuming the small yard, not sure of their shade because dirt drapes them like a cloak in winter. The layers of filth that choked me as my nose caught what must be weeks of unclean skin. A well dressed pretty woman with a baby in her arms steps out of the parked car, cigarette dangling as he smacks her ass and takes one last glance at the bundle.

Sounds of “hi momma” can be heard. The morbidly obese but stunningly beautiful woman with emerald green eyes and a mound of thick reddish brown hair sweeps the porch and screams in disgust “why the fuck you keep coming back and leavin these dirty ass kids”, “having babies you cant mind you ain’t fucking retarted, no matter what that paper say, you just a dumb nasty bitch”.

“ You see all these dirty kids, yet you still running them streets”. “I called that social worker, she just left, tired of all this shit, that nigga show up and you show up with another baby, aint he married again”? “Yall gonna get the fuck outta my damm house and maybe my fucking man yall ran off will come back”. “Now put that ugly baby down, and get those kids in the tub, that social worker be back, can’t have her thinking these kids stank all the damm time”.

Sitting in my car across the street I begin to feel the sweat from droplets on my back, it’s my first day on the job, and my first home visit. I was already bothered by the language of Mrs. Johnson, and the stench of the children, but this, this, this…… How could I have known I would see my husband, cigarette always decorating his pretty mouth, wavy hair in one long neat plait down his muscled back, full beard and brows that gave him that rugged handsomeness. I can smell my musty pits, my body reacting with the stench of anger, and the wetness between my legs leaves me paralyzed in my seat. The rage I feel in this moment threatens to overcome my judgment but me being a funky mess concerns me even more.

This ain’t the first time, but it will be my last, last time letting the “pretty man” fuck me, move into my house, and use my money, on another simple bitch. 

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The Unnerved Traveler

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