Childhood Adventures From An American Born Trinidadian

That House

Be wary of that house, you know the one with the strict mother that seems to keep the kids in line. That house, the one where she instills fear in all that crosses the door and runs it like a drill sergeant. The one where sharing out of violent licks for the smallest of slights is the norm. That house, where the meals are good, the kids clean up and despite the beatings are rewarded with most of the desired material possessions. Yes, you know the house, the one where all the kids want to spend the night because they heard the shrimp chips are fried crisp and sweet cereal is a given for breakfast.

You know the house, the one where the mother works at night and once she leaves kids let loose with the ease of freedom. Keep your kids away from that house, that house is one of horrors, where older cousins take advantage of the girls that they should protect, including their own sister who is forced to become an active participant so they leave her in peace.

When your kids tell you they no longer want to go to that house, don’t ask them why in that moment, just understand what they are sharing. That house, you know the one, filled with angry boys struggling with their own sexuality and anger towards the woman who is their abusive, controlling mother!

Stop sending your kids to that house, his house, her house, their house, keep your kids in the safety of their home. Now, ask your child to tell you what happened to them in that house……

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The Unnerved Traveler

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