Childhood Adventures From An American Born Trinidadian

A Woman of The Community

Kinky hair coils at the nape of her neck tightly bunned, glasses sat squarely on her nose, clean washed face, moisturized to a light sheet, but no makeup had ever seen her. Not the type of woman you expect to be desired, she was plain. She loved the surprised expression on the faces of young men, teenage boys especially, as she took advantage of their innocent stupidity. The principal’s wife, a pillar of the community, a pedophile.

Abuse of males is often disregarded as a learning lesson for future prowess. Many have come to harm at the hands of trusted adults and exploited, but silenced because they have been taught that they were lucky for the experience and told to celebrate it! If you enjoyed this short story, drop a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to share the love!

The Unnerved Traveler

6 thoughts on “Childhood Adventures From An American Born Trinidadian”

  1. I think men are often discouraged from speaking out about abuse towards them. And when they do speak out they are mocked. It’s so sad but hopefully someday they can be protected too.

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  2. A lot of boys were molested in the past. Thank heavens people are getting wiser and going to the police. But I know many are still suffering. If it was my son, the principals wife and I would be in jail.

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