Childhood Adventures From An American Born Trinidadian

Soucouyant Wish

Late nights filled with before bed tales had me thinking I could be a Soucouyant! And why not, this old crone of mystery that left her skin and sucked the necks of men, a ball of fire that blazed across skies in the night. Nothing was more powerful or beautiful. As I laid in bed with a sheet loosely covering my frame, I waited, listening, thinking if I tried hard enough I could hear her and watch her fly away. From what my cousin said, she lived down Coora road in the small board house with the beautiful croton plants decorating the steps, and the long mango tree that was always in season. We all knew that house, and held our breath slightly as we walked past, whispering in unison “suck meh Soucouyant……

Nights were always filled with tales of mystique and folklore woven into history. I enjoyed listening with eyes wide, filled with excitement and wonder. Many of the tales I had never heard, and so many held cultural significance that I had yet to understand. If you enjoyed this short story, drop a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to share the love! Enjoy ❤️

The Unnerved Traveler

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