Childhood Adventures From An American Born Trinidadian

No Breast Nyri

If I could identify the brown-faced boy that started the rumor that included my lack of breasts, that just might have changed the trajectory of my adolescent life. I am still haunted by the public chants and embarrassment of boys running up behind me to pull the back of my shirt expecting to find the feel of bra straps. They took pride in running their hand down the shirt and saying “NOTHING” “Nyri still have no breast boy, weeeeee” as they threw back their big heads in laughter! Yes my response was they lacked “prick size” but how on earth could I prove it? I had no idea what adequate size consisted of, and let’s face it, how could boys walk around with pricks on display during the school day. It would have been obscene and caused a disturbance that would have gotten us all beaten and quickly sent home.

Yet that is exactly what I wanted, my board chest was on display, why not the small pricks of preteen boys! I never hid in shame, just continued to seek refuge in the knowledge that one day they would touch my back, pull and I would hurl around and punch them right in the face for snapping my much earned bra! 

Being a late bloomer is hard on a girl, much less one who moved across the water and was still dealing with a drastic change of lifestyle and cultural norms. If you enjoyed this short story, drop a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to share the love! Nyri❤️

The Unnerved Traveler

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