Childhood Adventures From An American Born Trinidadian


Naked children soap up while neighbors chat. As the buckets switch, you rinse and soap up again, the smell of Palmolive soap waifs around as your ears perk up at the old talk.  “Stush Ms. Muhammad, from up de hill, husband come home late with lipstick on he head”? Just as talk get good “Alyuh hush nah” up walks Ms. Muhammad with her head held high, husband in tow carrying her empty buckets. Fulling water is woman’s business, but she has she man, and my auntie is speechless because it’s she self who put de lipstick on Mr. Muhammad head!

I wonder if ah could soap up again, but as quickly as I have the thought, mommy says “rinse off” witout de buckets full we head up de hill…….

In Trinidad the standpipe is the equivalent of CNN, everything happens as children bathe. In those moments we get a peep inside the secret lives of adults and the scandals of our neighbors. If you enjoyed this short story, drop a comment and let me know. Don’t forget to share the love! Enjoy ❤️

The Unnerved Traveler

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