Do You Think It Makes A Difference Flying The Country Carrier?

Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! Do you think it makes a difference flying the country carrier? I do not see a big difference in price and was just wondering what are the pros and cons. 

Sincerely~Flight Carrier Concerns

Dear Flight Carrier Concerns!

Well it depends on the airline and what all you are looking for, but it has been my experience that sometimes the country carrier is my favorite! Hawaiian Airlines, for example is my one of my favorites. Every time I plan a trip to Hawaii, there is no question who I am booking with. To start, the flight crew was all draped up in florals, and the ladies had flowers in their hair. I instantly felt like I was on the island. The snacks were a combination of purple taro chips, macadamia nuts and guava juice, sold!!!!!

The food selection was delicious and we not only had one full meal, but a small sandwich in addition to the snacks. The price for the ticket wasn’t much different from any other carrier, so why wouldn’t I give Hawaiian Air a shot!

The final decision is based on your specific needs, but I would suggest taking the chance. 

Hope this helps and safe travels~Nyri

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