What Is The Best Way To Beat Jet Lag?

Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! What is the best way to beat Jet Lag? I feel completely beat down after landing, any suggestions on how to get my energy back? This is impacting my trip because I am tired all of the time. Help!!!!!!!!! 

Sincerely Jet Lagged 

Dear Jet Lagged! 

I feel your pain, especially on those long flights to Europe and Africa! Well I can give you what works well for me. I usually schedule a night flight so that I can land as early as possible in the morning. I do not go to my hotel to do anything but drop my bags, shower and eat. I head out for a full day of activities so that when I return I am exhausted, and I can sleep soundly. I usually do not schedule any activities on the second day if possible, and just relax, usually by this time my body has adjusted.

If you are unable to have a day of rest, I would stick with keeping your body on the new schedule as much as possible, and do NOT take a nap. Your body will be asking for one, do not comply!

Hope this helps and many safe travels~Nyri

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