Have You Ever Felt The Need To Question Flight Crew?

Dear Nyri, I”m Unnerved! Have you ever felt the need to question the flight crew about procedures that you think they are doing wrong? I know I am not a trained professional, but I have flown enough to know when things are not quite right! 

Sincerely~Questionable Procedures

Dear Questionable Procedures! You can’t tell me I don’t know how to run a flight! 

On a flight out of JFK during a thunderstorm that produced cloud to ground lightning and sheets of rain, we had a long wait on the runway for takeoff. The flight attendants decided to serve dinner and just as they got most of the plane served, the pilot came on the radio and said “TAKING OFF”. With my extensive flight training (from watching flight crew) I quickly decided that was not correct, we have tray tables out and seats back, how could we possibly take off, IT’S NOT DONE THIS WAY!

In the time it took me to panic, we were in the air and nobody else seemed to be bothered. I have learned to mind my business, it keeps me from feeling unnerved and overwhelmed when I can save that energy for situations that require it.

Hope this gave you a laugh as well! Safe Travels~Nyri

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