Times I Needed Travel Insurance!

Germany 🇩🇪

Forgot my water pills that I had to take to offset the rise in blood pressure from my birth control. Now, this might seem like an easy fix right, and yes it could have been if I was a civilian registered in the VA medical system to receive care. I could have made an appointment and gone to the nearest military base and gotten it filled. But since I wasn’t, I couldn’t, and who just rolls up in a German pharmacy and asks for a random prescription 🤷🏾‍♀️.

Had I had travel insurance, someone could have coordinated a comparable option until I got back home!

Stay safe out in the traveling streets my friends!

Much Love~The Unnerved Traveler

2 thoughts on “Times I Needed Travel Insurance!”

  1. Omg…I was so worried about not getting the travel insurance on my trip this summer. My husband thinks it’s a waste. But while in Jamaica, I prayed that nothing would happen. Even though. nothing happened, I was in pain there. Luckily I made sure all my meds were there. Next vacay, I’m going include travel insurance without him knowing. 🤭

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