Times I Needed Travel Insurance

Jamaica 🇯🇲

While on a cruise and a quick visit with my favorite haunt, I was stung in the face by a wasp (jep). I am extremely allergic to them. Not only did the right side of my face swell up, by the end of the day my eye was swollen shut. I had to get a shot on the ship that cost me 150.00 as well as the cost for the Dr. visit. 100.00. I also had to get a prescription and the Dr blessed me out for not having travel insurance because had I needed to be hospitalized I might have been refused treatment based on my medical insurance not being accepted in Jamaica. By the end of the trip, that sting cost me almost 400 bucks and I missed seeing Jr Gong perform because the shot made me drowsy and I was terrified of getting hurt due to my swollen face and loss of vision.

When I returned home, none of my claims were paid by my home insurance for the cost on the ship 😒

Take care snd protect yourself my fellow travelers!

Much Love

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