Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! Have you let a passenger on an international flight use your cell phone to make a “quick call”?

A passenger asked me and I felt bad about saying no, but I have a prepaid phone based on my budget, extra money for a phone call just isn’t a sacrifice I am willing to make for a stranger. Was I wrong, did I break some unspoken rule of travel etiquette? Sincerely~Quick Call 

Dear Quick Call!

Allowing someone to use your cell phone is your decision, and if it wasn’t a life or death situation, that passenger really shouldn’t have asked.

Trying to be nice I allowed someone to use my phone to let family know the flight was delayed. Not sure why he did not have his own cell phone, but when I returned home, that call cost me an additional 25 dollars on my bill. Now the answer is NO! Fortunately I am now one of those travelers that put my phone on airplane mode and put it in my bag as soon as I get settled in my seat, people are less likely to ask you to use your phone if they don’t see one in your hand!

No need to feel bad about making a decision that was best for you and might have caused you some additional financial strain! 

Safe Travels~Nyri

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