Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! Have you ever felt like a plane was sure to crash while traveling with your children? How can I quiet these fears in moments when the plane is experiencing excessive turbulance? Sincerely~Paranoid Mom

Dear Paranoid Mom! 

We live that life flying in and out of Florida during storm season, the skies seem to stay unstable. On a flight from Tampa to Atlanta, my son who was 6 at the time was quite excited about the turbulence that had the plane rising and falling like a roller coaster! I guess I should have been happy he wasn’t terrified, but I was planning my survival strategy because I was certain we were GOING DOWN!

What always calms my nerves in these moments is watching the behaviors of the flight crew. If they are sitting like all is well and this is just a bad round of air, I can relax. Children usually aren’t as bothered in these moments as we are, this to them is an adventure so try to keep a straight face if possible! Hope this helps!

Safe Travels~Nyri

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