Dear Nyri, I’m Unnerved! What is a Posey and how does it work?

I am going to visit a friend in Trinidad and I was told that all of the toilet facilities are outside and I would be using a posey at night? I did not want to seem ignorant, so I did not ask, can you help?

Sincerely~Confused Posey

Dear Confused Posey! 

Welcome the chamber pot if we shall get fancy with the language and posey comes in all shapes and forms. Not only is this used in the Caribbean, but all over the world when that night time pee hits, and you can’t go outside to use the facilities, a posey or pee pot it is! 

As a child I enjoyed using them, because I was terrified of going to the latrine after the sun went down, so I thought whoever invented this washbowl with a handle (that is how it looked to me as a kid) is a genius! Yes in rural areas and not so rural people still use them and then dump and wash them out in the morning. I would suggest you do the same and don’t allow your host to handle your pee, but make sure you know exactly where it is to be cleaned for use again at night.

Don’t get caught throwing pee out of the window or anywhere near where rainwater is collected, you will be sent home immediately! Take a second and google chamber pot and you will see quite an interesting array, some that are quite elegant that you might even think twice about using. Train your thighs now, that low squat can be tricky and we do not want you to pee on the floor!

Have fun in Trinidad, eat plenty doubles and suck endless mangoes! 

Safe Travels~Nyri

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